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Thursday, 27 September 2018 00:00

Quality Certificates from most of our suppliers will be available here for download.

Sparks Lab Supplies - our own new ISO9001:2015 Certificate is now available for download here >>

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If you require further assistance, please contact Amanda, Caroline or Sandra at the office.

Abdos Labtech - laboratory consumables, liquid handling, centrifuge tubes, pipette tips

Accumax - liquid handling, pipettes, centrifuge tubes, pipette tips

Adam Equipment - laboratory balances & weighing equipment

AHN Biotechnologies - Pipettes, Pipette Tips, Microcentrifuge Tubes, PCR Tubes etc.

Aptaca - Swabs, Test Tubes & other consumables

BioSigma - Cuvettes,Test Tubes & other consumables

CAPP AHN - Pipettes, Pipette Tips, Microcentrifuge Tubes, PCR Tubes etc.

Copan - Swabs, Test Tubes & other consumables

Corning - Life Sciences Consumables

Gilson - Pipettes and Pipette Tips

Grade Packaging - sterile bags for blenders

Greiner Bio-One - plastic labware, petri dishes, microtitre plates, sterile containers

GVS - filtration, syringe filters, membrane filters

Himedia - dehydrated culture media for microbiology

Interscience - products & equipment for microbiology

Kima - specimen containers, pipette tips, swabs

LP Itialiana - specimen containers, bottles for water sampling, serological pipettes

Minigrip / Interplast  - Speci Guard specimen bags

Nasco - Whirl Pak Bags

Oxoid - supplements and culture media for microbiology

Runlab - specimen containers

Scharlau - chemicals and dehydrated culture media for microbiology

SLS - Scientific Lab Supplies

Simax (Kavileer) - glassware

Sterilin - specimen containers, petri dishes, pipettes

TE Laboratories - manufacturer of laboratory chemicals, volumetric solutions & pH buffers

TSC Consultants - swabs for microbiology

Vitlab - plastic labware, liquid handling products

Wheaton - glassware, vials, plastic consumable laboratory products